Ragdoll tomcat Timo: friendship with Minion?

Ragdoll tomcat Timo: friendship with Minion?

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In this video Ragdoll tomcat Timo presents his new cuddly toy: a Minion, like the squeaky yellow helpers from the film "I - Despicable Me", who got their first film in summer 2015. Whether on the couch or in bed: the fluffy kitty takes her buddy with him wherever he goes.

Timo carefully sniffs his new playmate, who initially made himself comfortable on the soft sofa. The curious cat inspects its toy with its front paws, but it shows no movement.

Timo and his new friend also feel at home in bed. While the Minion sits upright on the mattress, the velvet paw scurries around him and cuddles with him. And the famous Stubentiger can be even more happy: The Minion is always at his side for a "let's look out of the window" session. Cats and their cuddly toy friends are simply cute!

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