Small, smaller, smallest: the tiniest puppies

Small, smaller, smallest: the tiniest puppies

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They are all cute, but some baby dogs are so tiny that you just want to hug them!

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  • person

    01-01-2015 19:01:52

    holgermenschner: I'll take it immediately! Report abuse
  • person

    01-01-2015 19:01:25

    holgermenschner: This is the right one for my Moni! Report abuse
  • person

    01-01-2015 19:01:50

    holgermenschner: isn't he cute and cuddly? Report abuse
  • 27-09-2013 23:09:26

    Faldurtsche: this nerve saw is now confiscated BY ME Report abuse
  • 27-09-2013 22:09:01

    Faldurtsche: Don't wake up now. Report abuse
  • 27-09-2013 22:09:59

    Faldurtsche: AUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that hurts Report abuse
  • 02-07-2013 17:07:45

    juttaowens3: Ohhh ... Jenna, he is so cute;) Report abuse


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