How to Make a No-Sew Pet Pillow

How to Make a No-Sew Pet Pillow

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Pets are drawn to the warmth and comfort of microfleece. The color doesn't seem to matter; they just love to lie on it. A luxuriously overstuffed pillow made from microfleece will make your dog feel like the king or queen of the house, and you don't even have to know how to sew to make one. For this project, the only knowledge required is how to knot two strips of fabric together.

Step 1

Begin by cutting the edges of both microfleece pieces. Cut identical 1-inch lines into the fabric at 1- to 2-inch intervals all the way around the outer edges of each piece. Cut out the oddly shaped pieces in the corners and discard them. They will not be needed.

Step 2

Knot one strip of fleece from the first piece of fabric to a matching strip of fleece from the opposite piece of fabric. Make sure the knots are tight and will not unravel when tugged on. Double knot them, if you need to.

Step 3

Continue knotting around three of the four sides of your pieces of fleece, creating a pocket or baglike shape out of the pieces.

Step 4

Stuff as much polyester filling as you can into the microfleece pouch. It may seem overstuffed, but after your pet lies on it a few times, it will flatten out.

Step 5

Continue knotting your strips together around the edges until you have no more to knot. Your pillow is finished.

Items You Will Need

  • 2 pounds of polyester stuffing
  • 2 pieces of microfleece, approximately 1 yard of each
  • Scissors


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