What Is a Healthy Antiseptic for Dogs?

What Is a Healthy Antiseptic for Dogs?

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Pups and older pooches get scratches and bites from time to time. When you have cleaned a wound, you need to use an antiseptic to prevent infection. If you have concerns about using the standard first-aid antiseptics, you can choose a herbal formula.


Betadine is an antiseptic and antibacterial solution that is suitable for people and pets. It isn't appropriate for treating a skin or eye infection. When applying it to a small wound, wash the blood off with sterile water and wipes before applying the Betadine using a cotton swab or ball.

Herbal Antiseptics

If you're concerned about using a chemical antiseptic, choose a herbal solution. Wash the wound with a solution containing goldenseal and apply aloe vera gel or calendula flower ointment. These have a natural antiseptic action. Herbal antiseptics for pets that combine these ingredients in spray or solution forms are available from a number of companies.


Don't use calendula on a pregnant dog as it could cause miscarriage. Don't use it on a cat, either, as it is toxic for felines.


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