Raising poodles: you should pay attention to this

Raising poodles: you should pay attention to this

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Poodles are intelligent, docile animals. This usually makes education relatively easy. That is why the curly heads are also well suited as pets for beginners. However, there are a few things to consider. Raising a poodle is relatively easy - Image: Shutterstock / Jagodka

Its clever and receptive character helps a lot if you want to raise a poodle. Because this four-legged friend learns commands and commands quickly. It is very important to him to please his owners. His sensitive perception also speaks for him: he senses when "his people" change their mood. This ability is a decisive plus for a smooth upbringing and to understand what your counterpart wants from him.

Raising poodles: start early

As with most dogs, it is advisable to start socializing early. As a rule, this breed has no problems with other pets, conspecifics or humans. But if you want to properly educate your poodle, the first step should be to teach him the basics from the start. Of course, this also includes that he gets house trained and simple commands such as "Off!" , "Seat" or "no!" to understand.

Good dealings with strangers or other dogs are the be-all and end-all of behavior and for a relaxed everyday life. Dog schools or a visit to dog meadows make it possible to get to know other four-legged friends and their owners in a playful way. You will also usually get good tips for teaching your poodle here.

Clever, sweet and woolly: poodles as family dogs

Consistent upbringing and sufficient exercise

So that the topic of educating poodles really goes off smoothly, it is particularly important that you make it clear to your companion on four paws what he is allowed and what is not. Otherwise, he decides for himself what he wants - and that's rarely in the mind of the owner. With consistency, patience and clarity, you can teach your poodle the necessary rules and commands. You don't have to be loud and you don't have to be particularly hard or dominant. If your dog does not follow a rule, he has not yet understood it. Then try shortening the training sessions and repeating them more often.

Sufficient exercise is also important. Poodles are very agile and love long walks. If you neglect this need, it could also show up in a conspicuous nature, depression or aggression.

Tricks to keep dogs and their owners busy

If you want to ask your poodle a little more, you can teach him tricks - he will be happy about the special challenge and will be happy to accept it. This breed was originally bred for water hunting, so retrieving is one of her favorite pastimes. In general, it is particularly important that you take a lot of time for your new roommate. Raising a poodle works much better if you build a loving and close bond with it.


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