How long can you leave cats alone?

How long can you leave cats alone?

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How long can you leave cats alone? At the latest when a visit to the relatives or another short trip is due, many cat owners ask themselves. After all, Mieze can't always come along. The good news: For the most part, cats can take care of themselves very well and can stay alone for a day or two if carefully prepared. With the right preparation, a cat can stay alone for a short period of time. - Shutterstock / Marten_House

Sometimes cat owners also have to travel without their beloved roommate. Be it for business or pleasure. How long you can leave your cat alone also depends on the character of the kitty. Some don't mind staying alone for up to two days with the appropriate preparation, others don't like loneliness at all.

How long can you leave cats alone?

The breed also plays a role in how long you can leave cats alone. American Shorthair, the European Shorthair, York Chocolate and Russian Blue can also be alone on their own, but it can be different for more affectionate breeds such as the Maine Coon, British Shorthair, Bengal or Siamese.

Is there a difference between indoor cats and free walkers?

In general, it depends on the character (and in part the breed) of the individual cat how long it can be left alone, but free dogs have a clear advantage over domestic cats. While they are limited to the four walls at home, those who are free can use the cat flap to leave and enter the house as they please.

Walking around outdoors brings variety and thus helps to bridge longer periods of time without much boredom. Domestic cats can also stay alone a little longer if they have a companion to play and cuddle and have enough employment opportunities in the house.

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How long can you leave kittens and old cats alone?

Even young kittens can stay alone for a few hours a day after a few days of getting used to them, but should be at least 12 weeks old when they come to your home. If you have bought two young house tigers at the same time, it is even less problematic because the two kitties are busy with each other. It can be more difficult with old cats. At least if they have had bad experiences in the past, they quickly suffer from separation anxieties and therefore find it difficult to be alone. However, if the cat's seniors are used to dealing with themselves during the day, they usually don't mind even in old age.

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Ask the vet for advice

When in doubt, your veterinarian can advise you on getting your cat used to being alone. Even if your cat is chronically ill or has a handicap and therefore needs special care and attention, it is advisable to seek advice from the veterinarian.

When can cats stay alone?

If you have a new cat, it is advisable to take a week or two off. Then you and your fur nose have enough time to get used to each other. Your velvet paw can then settle in calmly and become familiar with your new home and your roommates. Watch your kitty along the way and see how she behaves.

If she turns out to be independent, you can leave her alone earlier. If she looks very affectionate or anxious, you should devote a little more time together. Then you can gradually make her alone tasty. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time. You can find more tips on this in our guide "How to get cats used to being alone".

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