Dog apologizes to brother - with a sweet hug

Dog apologizes to brother - with a sweet hug

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Oh, oh ... dog Watson ate his brother Kiko's food. But his mistress can not be angry for long, because Fellnase Watson apologizes in the sweetest possible way to his sibling.

Well, Watson did something about that. The dog has actually been busy eating his brother Kiko. Mum has of course not missed this. She confronts the four-legged friend with it. And what is he doing? He shows up ruefully.

That doesn't seem to be enough for its owner. "You should apologize to your brother," she tells Dog Watson. Said and done.

The fur nose approaches Kiko, puts her paws around him and her head on her brother's. And as if that weren't cute enough, Watson also puts on an incredibly cute dog look.

Do dogs consciously use the Dachshund look?

Cuffed like! If dogs want something, they bow their heads to the side and bring with their ...


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