Dog puppies: when is the right age for the delivery?

Dog puppies: when is the right age for the delivery?

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When a puppy moves in with you, the dog breeder you trust will certainly tell you when it is usually the time for the handover. It is important that the little ones are never separated from their mother too early. But when is the right age? Responsible breeders do not hand in their puppies too early - Image: Shutterstock / holbox

Dog puppies are usually delivered between the ages of eight and twelve weeks. While some dog owners consider an ideal age of eight weeks to be ideal, others consider it better to hand it in later.

Basically, when it comes to handing over puppies, a look at the early development phases of dog babies helps. Here is a small overview:

1.-2. Week of life: the neonatal phase

The puppies are blind and deaf. The sense of smell is not yet fully developed. The dog babies are very helpless and can hardly move.

3rd week of life: the transition phase

The puppy's eyes open. Hearing develops and the baby dog ​​reacts to noises.

4-seventh Week of life: the minting phase

The puppy's senses are fully developed. He can recognize his mom and siblings. There should be initial social contacts here.

8-12th Week of life: socialization phase

During this phase, rules should gradually be established. Learning is particularly good in a playful way.

Delivery after eight weeks: the puppy must not be younger when moving

The German Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance stipulates that a dog must be over eight weeks old if it is separated from its mother. At eight weeks the little dog is in the middle of its socialization phase and at an age when it can already get away from its dog mother and siblings, but it does not necessarily have to.

If several dog puppies are separated from your mother earlier due to an accident or another exceptional situation, they must be allowed to stay together until they are eight weeks old - this is also stipulated by the Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance.

Pick a puppy from the litter: tips

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Advantages of later delivery of puppies

However, many dog ​​lovers are in favor of a later delivery of the puppies, i.e. between the ninth and the twelfth week. During this time, the little fur noses should definitely have contact with people and have many positive experiences, but are also happy if they can still learn important basic rules for their dog life together with their siblings.

A young dog at the age of eight weeks has just learned to be afraid, so moving and separating from his family could be difficult to cope with. A few weeks later, he is already more confident and stable - in the twelfth week his socialization is complete and he should be physically and mentally ready for a new adventure - moving to a loving new family.

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