Cat care station shows sweet new arrivals

Cat care station shows sweet new arrivals

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With these six-day-old little ones, one is sweeter than the other! The tiny little animal children were born in a nursing station and are now lovingly cared for in order to grow tall and strong. It is a pleasure to watch you.

So lucky for this heartbreakingly sweet gang: Shortly before the birth, her homeless cat mother was admitted to a cat rescue station so that she can raise her offspring in a warm accommodation in peace and security.

Until the kittens are big enough, the sweet ones now live with helpful animal friends who do everything they can to give them a good start in life. Later they will be placed in a new home where they can stay forever. This video is one more reason to look around a shelter if you plan to adopt a pet, right?

We are Family: Sweet family gangs from the cat world

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