Cat toy for a good mood and against winter fatigue

Cat toy for a good mood and against winter fatigue

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It is getting colder outside and many room tigers are already suffering from winter tiredness. So that the winter bacon does not start and the dark season is completely overslept, you should bring some life into the house! Cat toy for a good mood and against winter fatigue - Image: Shutterstock / Gena96

Throwing treats, letting fresh air in and playing are the secret recipes that get tired kittens busy! And because it's boring doing the same thing every day, we went looking for creative fitness game ideas.

1. Pure action: the hunt for the thread

"Well, what's that?" Your cat is probably right to ask when she sees this toy. It gets exciting when you turn on the interactive cat toy, because then the thread moves under the rustling fabric disc and the hunting instinct of the velvet paw is awakened. A video on the product page of the cool toy shows how funny the house tigers react to it!

2. The classic cat fishing attracts everyone from behind the stove

Almost every cat owner has a cat fishing rod at home - and if not, it is time to try out the fun of playing with the classic. Especially in winter, it is a wonderful recipe to lure a four-legged friend out from behind the stove. This colorful cat fishing rod is made of fleece, and because it is tear and bite resistant, it is particularly durable.

3. Insider tip: The "Cat Dancer" wakes cats up

The "Cat Dancer" is a simple but very popular animal toy from the USA, which is known to really get cats going. It is made of wire and cardboard rolls and moves when touched in a way that encourages most cats to hunt for hours. Maybe yes, because the movement of the cardboard rolls reminds a little of the flying of insects?

4. Enjoy feeding with activity toys

If you give your cat treats or dry food from time to time, you can also make sure that your pet does a bit of exercise. The "Cat Activity Tunnel Feeder" is one of many popular ways to make feeding fun more exciting and to wake up tired room tigers with intellectual challenges!

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