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Happy Christmas fun: gifts for dogs

Happy Christmas fun: gifts for dogs

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The holidays are approaching: If you are looking for a few Christmas gift ideas for your darling quickly, here are a few tips for young and old, calm and lively dogs. Nice Christmas fun: gifts for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

1. Christmas gift box with fun and dog snacks

There's something for everyone in this gift box for dogs. Two toys and different types of snacks for playing and rewarding make dogs' hearts beat faster and are also wonderfully suitable gift ideas for the undecided.

2. Plush and Christmassy: the reindeer toy

Santa Claus, snow figure or reindeer: If you are looking for a festive toy for dogs that goes well with holiday decorations, you will find various nice ideas in the pet shop and online shop. This reindeer is 22 cm tall, equipped with a voice and cozy plush and is suitable for cuddling, playing and retrieving.

3. Activity toy against boredom

Some dogs just always need to do something: their intelligent character or a particularly high need for employment ensures that their owners always have to come up with something new. This activity toy offers a way to challenge clever guys with an intelligence game and is therefore a great recipe against boredom.

4. Christmas dog biscuits for holidays

This Christmas dog cake is something very special. As colorful and Christmassy as it is, it is so dog-friendly that it is made and decorated: Without sugar, colors and flavors, it is an exceptional snack in between, which looks almost as festive as Christmas decorations.

Winter fun with Christmas toys for dogs

The cold, dark winter quickly becomes boring for dogs. The perfect way to ...

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