Simon's Cat doesn't want to go into the transport box

Simon's Cat doesn't want to go into the transport box

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"Oh, what's that? Delicious fish!" Simon's Cat thinks at the beginning of the video when he discovers a real treat on the table. He eats the fish with great pleasure and is completely satisfied. The cheeky cat is devotedly dressing up and is delighted when Simon comes in the door and scratches his fur nose. But Simon has something in mind ...

He looks nervously at the watch and is startled: "Crap, it's so late!", He seems to think - Simon's Cat apparently has a vet appointment. Then Simon gaaaaaaanz carefully places a transport box on the table and silently opens the door. But the cat has recognized the cunning with its fine senses and is fighting with all four paws and loud growls to be put in the hated transport box.

Booms - Simon flies a flower vase to his head. Salt spreader, knife and fork, as well as the ketchup bottle that the angry cat throws behind, can just avoid Simon. Finally it gets too colorful for him and he tries to wrap his fortified velvet paw in a blanket and then put it in the box. But then he probably underestimated the clever kitty ...

Read what you can do if your domestic tiger is afraid of the cat transport box.

Simon's Cat item for cats

The famous cartoon cat "Simon's Cat" has a large fan base - whoever belongs to it will probably ...

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