Shut up, cat inside: tom marmalade inspects trash cans

Shut up, cat inside: tom marmalade inspects trash cans

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Hangover Marmalade is curious by nature and of course you can not miss trying out unusual resting places. And so it is not surprising that the Miez is also considering a trash can as a place to sleep in this video.

"Ah, what's that? I have to put my nose in there!" Thought, done - and tomcat Marmalade shoves his fluffy head into the trash can and even jumps in a short moment later. Pretty tight, but the velvet paw obviously finds it really cozy and enjoys the darkness for a moment. However, the cat in the small box can't stand it for a long time, so she quickly jumps outside again. For a longer nap, the cheeky badger might be better off looking for another place.

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