When cats go crazy after they are in the loo

When cats go crazy after they are in the loo

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Sometimes cats behave a little ... strange. For example, if they go crazy after being in the loo and run away from the "crime scene" like crazy. What could be the reasons behind this strange behavior? "Place there, now I'm coming!": Little cat runs like crazy after she piles - Shutterstock / flysnowfly

So far, there is no clear, scientific justification for why some cats go crazy after going to the toilet. However, there are one or the other theory for strange behavior. If your cat has only recently started to behave like this, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended - there may be urinary tract diseases or digestive problems behind it.

Cats run out of litter box: escape from attackers?

The following explanation seems to be the most plausible: Cats have to be careful in the wild that they are not discovered by larger predators, and even tame domestic cats have internalized this caution. Velvet paws are not only hunters of mice, birds and other small animals, but can also be hunted. Foxes, martens or some birds of prey are a possible danger for wild cats, against which their tame relatives and descendants of the fallow cats instinctively try to protect themselves. It is conceivable that the animals bury their excretions and then run away quickly so that their natural enemies are not made aware of them by the smell of feces. The faster they also bring the greatest possible distance between themselves and their legacies, the lower the risk of falling victim to larger predators.

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Spinning after going to the toilet for hygiene reasons?

Another assumption is that cats go crazy after going to the toilet for hygiene reasons. Because of the fast running out of the toilet, stuck residues can fall off better, so the idea behind this theory. However, the question arises as to why domestic cats do not simply wiggle their butts inside their litter box to shake off any leftovers. Some explanations assume that the house tigers flee from the smell of their own faeces because they find it unpleasant. However, this justification is not 100% convincing either, because cats usually like their own smell because it is familiar to them.

Cat escapes from the loo: is she sick?

If your cat behaves abnormally, it may indicate an illness. So be careful if your velvet paw suddenly runs out of the toilet, although it usually never did. It is possible that she feels pain when urinating or vomiting and therefore wants to get away from the litter box as soon as possible. This could be a symptom of a urinary tract infection, cystitis, constipation and similar diseases of the urinary and digestive organs. For safety, it is advisable to see a veterinarian.

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