Kitten Davey recovers from broken spine

Kitten Davey recovers from broken spine

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The little red kitten Davey in the video really had a guardian angel! After an accident, the little guy with a broken backbone was found on a Florida roadside. He seemed paralyzed and it was not certain that he would survive and ever be able to run again. Fortunately, a dear soul brought him to the "Caring Fields Felines" cat protection station and the brave people there did everything to save the sweet button.

Davey was brought to the Savanna Animal Hospital, a veterinary clinic, where he was given a full body cast. There he met the veterinary technician Danica Gingras, who immediately fell in love with the little survivor. She took him home and looked after the brave boy around the clock. Davey quickly became friends with the family dog ​​Oakley and recovered more every day.

Davey had to wear his full-body cast for over two months, then his backbone was finally healed. Then the little tiger had to do many hours of physiotherapy ... with success! The cat is now alive and well like a normal kitten - as if the accident had never happened. And it gets even better: Danica Gingras had taken sweet Fratz to her heart so that she took him in at home forever. There he got his final name "Beans", which means "bean" in English. Danica's stepdaughter thought that the velvet paw in his plaster looked like a burrito - a typical TexMex dish, the main ingredient of which is beans.

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