Secure access for the cat in the garden

Secure access for the cat in the garden

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Secure clearance for cats is a practical compromise solution for all those who want to give their velvet paw a run in the fresh air, but are also afraid that something will happen to them outside. The cat stays in a specially secured area in the garden. Secure access allows the card to enjoy nature - Image: Shutterstock / Belodarova Kseniya

If you let the cat roam freely around the environment, it faces many dangers. Secured clearance can, on the other hand, take away many worries from cat owners, as a garden that has been converted into a "cat enclosure" prevents situations that could otherwise cost the furry nose's life.

What is secure clearance for cats?

Providing your cat with secure access means that you secure and delimit your garden. This allows your pet to romp around to their heart's content, explore nature or simply enjoy the sun without leaving the property.

With such a cat garden, you prevent the cat from running into the street and possibly being caught by a car, from colliding with wild animals or from a cat hater doing harm to your darling. But even if your house tiger only gets secured access in the garden: vaccinate, castrate and chip your cat anyway.

Make the garden cat-safe - how it works

To ensure secure access in your garden, you have to fence the area on which your room tiger should let off steam later. A suitable fence should be about 1.80 to two meters high and firmly anchored in the ground so that the cat can neither jump over it nor dig under it.

Ideally, place inward angles at the top of the fence that you can cover with rabbit wire so that the cat does not climb over the barrier. It is also important that there are no trees, garden sheds, bushes or other objects of the appropriate height near the fence. From there your velvet paw could easily overcome the barrier.

Cats and butterflies: encounters in the garden

Design the play landscape for the house tiger

You can set up a variety of play options for your cat within the enclosed garden. How about a bed with catnip, a small viewing platform far from the fence or a large cat tree? A shallow pond or caves, in which she can hide, invite the Miez to all kinds of activities.

However, be careful not to have any poisonous plants or garden tools with sharp blades in the garden. A laundry spindle or pesticides left unattended can also be dangerous for your animal in the garden. A rain barrel should always be covered stably, otherwise there is a risk of the cat drowning in it.

If your cat has exhausted himself enough outside, she should be able to return to the warm house at any time when she ends her secure outdoor access in the garden. Ideally, you solve this with a cat flap.


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