So cute: This dog has Mickey Mouse ears

So cute: This dog has Mickey Mouse ears

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Dog or cartoon character? A video goes viral on the net, showing a super cute four-legged friend with plush ears that are strongly reminiscent of Mickey Mouse.

White fur, black googly eyes, black snub nose and big gray ears: On social networks, a cute dog named Goma melts the heart, which could compete with its circular eavesdroppers for Mickey Mouse.

The innocent white ball of wool looks innocently into the camera and barks at it, its fluffy ears standing high in the air. The attempt to take a treat off the table shows that the fur nose is not only sweet because of its mouse ears.

First the cute mixture of Maltese and dwarf Spaniel tries to reach the good piece standing on its hind legs with its front paw. When that doesn't work, he uses his pink tongue to help. In the end, his eagerness is rewarded, the treat disappears in his snout - but thanks to the help of human hands.

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