Walking with a dog: what should you watch out for?

Walking with a dog: what should you watch out for?

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Whether by the lake, in the forest or in the mountains, relaxed hiking with your dog always requires good planning. Here we tell you what owners should pay attention to when traveling with four-legged friends. What equipment do you need when you go hiking with your dog? - Image: Shutterstock / jos macouzet

Hiking is a shared experience that not only strengthens the bond between dog and person, but also offers a natural adventure alongside his four-legged partner. Walking the dog is a popular activity. However, there are a few things to consider.

Find a suitable hiking route

Hiking routes should be varied, not asphalted and easily passable for the dog. The length and difficulty of the route should not only correspond to your own fitness, but also that of the dog.

Both in Germany and in other countries there are easy to challenging routes that you can explore together with your four-legged friend. However, it is best to find out in advance about entry requirements and rules of conduct. Leashes are mandatory in many countries and muzzles in some.

At what age can a dog travel?

When it comes to walking with dogs, age is crucial. For four-legged friends who are less than one year old, a hiking tour is stressful - both in terms of tendons and joints. In the worst case, even early arthrosis can develop.

Hiking can also be a problem for older dogs. They tend to have circulatory problems. Incidentally, the gums can indicate this. If you press it and it remains white, the four-legged friend has a circulatory problem. Then act quickly: get out of the sun, take a break, offer water and food.

Health as a further requirement

Of course, the dog should be fit and healthy and should not have any joint problems, for example. If the four-legged friend is already used to covering longer distances with their owner or owner, this is a clear advantage for hiking with dogs. In addition, it is essential that the fur nose runs reliably on the leash and follows commands such as "sit" or "place".

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The equipment is the be-all and end-all

Only those who are well equipped can enjoy hiking with dogs to the fullest. Dog leashes are not enough in wild nature. Therefore, a dog harness is a must. When hiking, this is attached to a running belt that the owner or mistress has strapped around his waist. This way, owners have their hands free - for example for trekking poles.

If you like to go hiking with your dog, you should not do without high-quality dog ​​shoes. They prove to be practical, especially on stony terrain: They minimize the risk of injury to the four-legged friend's paws.

Don't forget provisions

Depending on the length of the route, mistresses and masters should also think about eating and drinking enough. A foldable bowl can be useful on the go, which can be stowed away in a pocket or backpack to save space.

A first aid kit and tick pliers are also important. A flashlight should not be missing in your luggage - just in case it suddenly gets dark. A GPS tracker proves to be helpful, which you can easily attach to your four-legged friend's collar. In case the dog got lost.

Take enough breaks when hiking

Depending on the length of the route, you should always take enough breaks. On a six-hour tour, there should be at least two half-hour breaks. If you walk with your dog for two to three hours, you should allow for at least a half hour break.


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