Green electricity from electric eel: animal energy transition?

Green electricity from electric eel: animal energy transition?

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The federal government did not understand it. It initiates the energy turnaround and ignores this animal power source: the electric eel. Merkel, when was there ever a more sustainable form of clean energy? Image: Shutterstock / naturepics -

Electric eel as a natural source of electricity

Or maybe the environment ministry didn't want to get rubbish. This is to be taken literally, because the electric eel common in the Amazon basin can generate surges of up to 600 volts. On the one hand, that would be potentially good for the energy network, on the other hand, it could be potentially fatal for people. However, the snake-shaped animal does not look very well. It is therefore lurking on the surface of the water and, if it is hungry, anesthetizes swimming fish with an electric shock.

For a lifetime under tension

The electric eel produces electricity using its electrical organs. These consist of altered muscles that can create high tensions. When stimulated, special nerves switch these muscles "in series". When this happens, they work like a battery. The electric eel also has a feel for the quiet tones. Because it can also give weak impulses to communicate with fellow species or other fish.

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