Omaha the cat dancer

Omaha the cat dancer

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Omaha the cat dancer

I’m a little scared to write this. I mean, my first post. I’ve been writing all these years and this is it, the big time. I feel nervous, even, like I’m in the interview room with Oprah and all the people who do the book club, who are going to ask all these hard questions about my writing and how I got this book and what this book means.

I think I should say a little about the background, where the book came from. I was watching a documentary on a television channel that doesn’t exist any more, probably the only time I watched the Discovery Channel. It was on “Cat Dancing.” This was back in 1997. The presenter, an American cat dancer, was dancing with cats, all kinds of cats. There were domestic cats, there were cats from the exotic-animal shelter, there were wild cats, and she would teach them all the routine steps. All of a sudden, I had this vision. I saw myself on the street, with a cat dancing for me, just like this cat dancer. It was just a flash, like a movie in my mind. I knew what I was going to write. It was going to be about a street cat who dances with people.

I started writing right away, but I wasn’t sure what it was going to be about. I had the idea, but I wasn’t sure exactly what would be in the book. Then, I remembered this documentary. I looked for it online and couldn’t find it. Finally, I discovered it on YouTube. So, you’ve been there for a long time. But then, you’re a lot better writer than I am.

There was a problem, though. I could only find one video. There was no book. I had a story, but I couldn’t find the book. I found out a little later, it’s a very hard thing to find. There is one book. They say it’s the most published cat book in history. I don’t know why. They say it’s the most published book in history, which seems a little strange to me, given that we have so many books in this country and so many authors. But it seems that there are only one or two books written about cats, and the Cat Dancing one is the only one. And, there was just one video of that cat dancing.

I began to search, I Googled and I searched, and I was looking for that video. It’s not easy to find. It’s a very long, long, long way, but I found it. That’s when I wrote the first page. I wrote “the cat danced.” I put that in parentheses. I wasn’t sure about it, so I wrote it out. I wrote, “and the cat danced for the people on the street, the cat with the purple fur.” That was all I had.

Then, I found the video. I had no idea how to watch it. All I did was go to YouTube. I was trying to figure it out. But, then, I found a way to watch it. And it was incredible. I knew, when I saw the cat dancing, I had to write it down. I didn’t know anything about cats, and I was never going to write about cats. So, I started the book. It was one sentence. That’s what I had.

Then, I got to the middle of the book, and the cat stopped dancing. It was like the cat died. I thought, “Oh no, that’s it. That’s the end. That’s what happened to my cat. She stopped dancing, and I can’t write about that.”

But, I went back to YouTube and watched it again. I saw all the dancing cats again. They were dancing, and then one would fall over and the cat would get back up. So, I thought, “That must be part of it. That cat can’t keep doing that forever.” The cat had fallen over and gotten back up and danced a little bit more. I saw it a couple of times. I couldn’t see how the cat was doing it, so I had to look it up. I was on the Internet, and I looked up cats. I figured out how they do it. It was incredible, because that’s what I do, I look it up.

So, I thought about the cat who fell over and got back up. I thought, “What if I just wrote about that? What if it was a book about the cat who gets up after she falls over and tries to dance for people.”

That was what the book was going to be about, the cat who gets up and tries to dance for people.

When I was writing the book, I wanted to show that there were many kinds of people, like the cat dancer. I wanted to show that there are many kinds of people. There are people who don’t know how to dance. There are people who do know how to dance. I wanted to show that there are people who don’t like dancing. I wanted to show that there are people who love dancing.

I had to learn how to write. I didn’t know anything about writing. But, I went to the library and I found an article, “How to write a book,” and it was very helpful. I learned about how to organize my thoughts.

Then, I started looking for publishers. I didn’t know what kind of book I wanted to write. I’d never written anything before, and I didn’t know how to write it.

Then, I got in touch with an agent. My agent sent the book to some publishers, and a publisher asked for a full proposal. I couldn’

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