Australian cattle dog chihuahua mix

Australian cattle dog chihuahua mix

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Australian cattle dog chihuahua mix

I purchased two of these chihuahua pups from another lady about 4 yrs ago. At that time she told me the name was called, Chipper. The second name I purchased was Puffy.

I have never had much luck with rsing the puppies as we only had one male. He was never interested in breeding and I have never heard of a "Chipper" that was registered.

Since I had the two pups, I have found out that Puffy was the most popular of the two. It seems as though she had about three litters. She was also very loving, and got along well with other dogs.

The reason I purchased Puffy was that I thought she would be friendly with the younger dogs. The two I purchased were both two years old.

We have tried to rse these two dogs, and they are very protective of us. The other dogs, if they dare to come near them, will get barked at a lot and they will growl at them. I am always careful to make sure my sons know not to bother them or any of the other dogs around us.

Puffy is still alive and well, and I am hoping to find a good home for her. She is a very healthy dog, has not had any health problems. She is about ten years old and weighs about 26 lbs.

With the other puppy, they would be best suited to someone with children or no children, as they have been given to a very young neighbor and my youngest son. I have asked him if he wants to keep them, and he says no and they would be better off in a good home, so I am sure he would return them to me if I wanted them.

With Puffy, I do not think there is a good home for her. She is very hard to get along with any other dogs and the only owner she seems to care for is me. I would love for someone to adopt her and find a home that she can live in. I do not think she would do well with an aggressive dog. She is a very sweet, calm dog who only reacts to her owner.

I am offering them to a good home or to a person who does not have children because they will not be used to this type of company. She is not interested in anything but playing and I am hoping someone would be willing to adopt her so I do not have to give her away. She is good with other dogs, but she just does not want to be near them. She is very happy to be left alone all day.

I know someone who is interested in adopting them and would take them into his home. He has three small children. I am told they would do well with him and he is very good with them and with animals. He works for the county and they have a great relationship, so I think that his family would be very good with Puffy. I will be honest with you, he would get a great deal of joy out of them and my children and I would miss them terribly.

I would rather someone adopt one of the pups and would feel better knowing that she would be taken to a good home. I have to think that any new owner would be able to find a home for her.

Puffy and her puppies are a lot of work, but I love to do it. I have had enough experience with animals to know what they need and what will make them happier.

They have been vaccinated and wormed and had the first shots to take care of any possible diseases. I also had them spayed and neutered so I do not have any more work to take care of after that. I have been with them for over five months now. They were rsed in my house and with a little trning can fit in with any family.

I realize it is not the perfect situation to have these puppies, but sometimes in life, no matter how hard you try, there are just not enough people to go around. I do not want anyone to experience the heartache that I had. I hope this makes it easier for anyone that is interested in looking after these pups, or for those that may want to consider taking one into their family.

Since all puppies and kittens come from other sources, most of them are kept together for one or more reasons. They are kept in the same cage because they are socialized together. This lets them learn things like walking on a lead and knowing who is a friend or who to stay away from.

Sometimes, however, it is good to get them away from each other and rse them in a different way, so that they are less likely to fight. This is one of the reasons that I decided to adopt the three pups instead of taking one. They will not fight with each other and are more likely to learn things together because they are more used to one another.

The reason that I am not going to get these pups in the kennel that I had before is that it will not be fr to the other puppies and kittens in the kennel. Sometimes puppies will get adopted before they get there, and then the other pups or kittens do not get adopted. Because I had the babies at home and could easily care for them, I chose to take them in as soon as I could. They will not be there more than two or three days.

The first puppy I am giving is called Lola. She is a female Pomeranian. She has a lot of energy and is very active, but she also gets along well with other puppies. She is about eight weeks old and was found on the street when she was a puppy. The second puppy is a male German Shepherd, and is just about seven weeks old. He is also very active and needs to be taken out every hour or so for a walk. He will need a home with a lot of exercise, though. The third puppy is a male black terrier, and is about three weeks old. The black terrier is not very active or active at all, but he is smart and is learning a lot of tricks.

After all of these puppies are adopted, I may get a few kittens, too, because I want to have a large cat. Then I will have to get the kittens into the same home. I will probably adopt both male and female kittens from the same house so that they get used to each other and not fight.

After the kittens are adopted, I may get another puppy, but I want to wt until I have at least one cat. Then, if I get another puppy, I will get a male and female, so they can learn to get along with the cat.

I am a very lucky dog owner, because I have found the right pets for my family. I have always wanted to be a dog lover, and I have seen a lot of positive effects that can come with having a dog around the house. I love the puppies as much as they can be loved.

I want to provide them with a loving, caring environment and a comfortable place to rest. I have a very nice house, and the dogs get plenty of attention and love when they are there. I also have a fenced-in back yard that is great for them to run and play. We live in a very busy, active neighborhood, and I want to make sure that the puppies get lots of activity.

All of the puppies and kittens are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations, shots, and rabies. When I find a new home for the puppies and kittens, I will include instructions on where to get the vaccinations. I may also find a great veterinarian to go to in my area.

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