Txt cat and dog english lyrics

Txt cat and dog english lyrics

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Txt cat and dog english lyrics

I have been to the circus today (as you may know by now), and on my journey I stopped at my local zoo (which is just a mini version of the circus) to look for a pet, and found one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. His name is Rex, and he looks exactly like a beagle dog, only cuter. I named him, but since his people wouldn't let me touch him, I thought that he would need a name. Well, I decided that his name should be Rex. I have been to several pet stores looking for another pet, but no luck. The person working there just told me that it's usually easier to find a puppy that will take good care of you, then trying to find a full grown pet.

So, I asked them about Rex. I mean, he's so cute that he would make a good pet. Then, they told me that they would keep him. So, then I told them that I would be interested in adopting him. She told me that there's one problem though, he had worms, and they had no time to give him the medication. They can't afford it, so they would have to see how it goes before they decided to give it to him. I got sad, and left, still wondering if I could find another person to adopt him. I mean, my parents didn't want to adopt him, and now they wouldn't even take him in, and let me keep him in my own home. Well, I decided to ask if there was any way I could raise him myself. I mean, I could feed him and play with him in the park, but still, I want to see if he likes it in his own home. So, the next day I went to the pet store, and asked if they had a list of people who are interested in pets, and see if they could see if Rex is up for adoption. They told me that they could try and find someone for me. So, they put Rex on the computer, and I looked up, and saw one person. And I went and told her that I saw her, and she said she liked Rex. So, I got all excited, and then I said that I had been thinking about adopting him. But she told me that she wouldn't think about it if I hadn't been adopted before. So, I was very sad, and just left. She said that she was sorry, and that she really wanted to adopt him. And that she could give me the medication and give him to me on the next visit that I could go. She told me that I had a little time, and she had to be at work, but that I could come and pick him up as long as I got him the meds. So, the next day I went to see her at work, and she let me have him for two weeks. So, I bought a cage and a bunch of his food and stuff for him. So, two weeks later, I went over and got him, and she gave me the meds and stuff. He was very happy to see me, and gave me his food and his water and let me hold him. He is so sweet, and just so loving. It is wonderful to have him home, and to have him in my life, and to have my son love him too. I think we will adopt another cat soon. He has a lot of friends, and that will be nice. If I could have had this cat before we adopted Milo, it would have made our transition a lot smoother. Thank you again, for your help in bringing Rex into our home. I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to me. It really made my day, and it was great to see how happy he was. That's why we adopted him. We love him very much. He is a very happy and sweet kitty. Thank you for sharing him with us." -- Kelli S.

"Hi, my name is Lisa and my son was having severe separation anxiety. I was a bit skeptical as I heard that the only thing that would help was the company of a dog, which our family just couldn't afford. Since he was only a few weeks old, I knew there would be more work to do but I called you anyway, and then you offered to help me with the adoption fee if he couldn't be with us for six weeks. Well, he and the puppy have already become friends, and we've been together all of these months, and he's still not going to anyone else. I'm writing this to say thank you, thank you, thank you. And to tell you, the dog is an absolute delight, although he is very shy when he first meets you, after that, they say you've been friends forever. I'm just so grateful." -- Lisa J.

"Thank you, so very much, for letting us adopt Giggles. She is the most loving and loving little girl ever. She takes care of the other cats and they respect her, which is wonderful. We can all now live in peace and harmony together. You saved our lives with your wonderful service. You're a super woman!" -- Mary S.

"I wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed watching Giggles grow. She is such a well behaved girl. Thank you for all your patience and kindness, we can't imagine our life without her. She is our best friend. We love her, and we love to sit and watch her play with the other kitties." -- Mary &, Joe G.

"We adopted Giggles after our first cat died and we fell in love with her immediately. She was one of the sweetest kitties ever. We adopted her with some hesitation though, as I had read about the problems many dogs and cats had when adopting out. We didn't want to be that person who's kitty died, leaving their family heart broken. So we spent a little time getting acquainted. I am so glad we did. Giggles is one of the kindest, sweetest cats and dogs I have ever known. She loves people and will sit at your feet begging for affection and will even purr on command. She loves to play, especially with the other cats, and if they don't listen, she'll get upset and cry. She loves to cuddle and is especially affectionate and loving when she first meets you. She is playful, yet very gentle and calm. She's great with little children and loves attention. I honestly think she is the sweetest, most loving, most loving cat and dog you could ever have, we hope she finds her forever home. We have not lived with her for long but are so attached to her. We know she'll make the right decision, and I am sure she'll find a

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