Treat and prevent feline gastritis

Treat and prevent feline gastritis

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Chances are good that the vet can successfully treat cat gastritis. Once the cause is identified, he can also give you tips on how to prevent another inflammation of the stomach. Cat gastritis can usually be treated successfully - Image: Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

The prognosis for cat gastritis is always particularly good if there is no serious underlying disease. If a cat's food allergy is responsible for the overproduction of stomach acid, the inflammation can be treated with medication. If you want to prevent another outbreak, you should change the feed and possibly switch to organic feed that is free of additives. Your vet can certainly give you a recommendation.

Treat cat gastritis with medication

Medications that are prescribed to treat gastritis in cats fight symptoms on the one hand, such as proton pump inhibitors. Active ingredients such as omeprazole reduce the production of stomach acid. An allergy can be treated with histamines. If bacteria are the cause of your pet's stomach inflammation, your cat's veterinarian will surely prescribe antibiotics. Kidney diseases can usually also be treated with medication.

If your house tiger has swallowed something that cannot be digested, gastroscopy may be necessary to treat cat gastritis. A camera inserted into the stomach provides information as to whether a foreign body is the culprit. Once discovered, it can be removed with a pair of pliers during treatment. You can prevent this in the future by keeping objects or plants poisonous for cats out of reach.

When the cat is afraid of the veterinarian

If your cat is afraid of the veterinarian, there are several things you can do to make her a little afraid ...

Tumors and gastric ulcers

The chances are that your pet will soon be on top again after treating cat gastritis. The sooner you go to the vet, the better. Because untreated inflammation of the stomach lining can lead to stomach ulcers, which you should definitely prevent. Here, just as with a tumor, it will be almost impossible to avoid surgery, which is always associated with a risk, but on the other hand does not always have to be successful.


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