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Dogs present their most unusual friends

Dogs present their most unusual friends

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Those who believe that dogs like to stay among themselves will be convinced by the opposite of these cute four-legged friends. Dog and foal: Cute first encounter - Image: Shutterstock / 8045159901 Bringing cats and dogs together is often a problem of communication - Image: Shutterstock / Nikoner Search picture: Find the guinea pig on this dog - Picture: Shutterstock / PaulShlykov

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  • 18-12-2013 15:12:31

    silviawarkus: this is like my two our Aika also has a cat to cuddle from an early age the two are inevitable report abuse
  • 31-05-2013 14:05:02

    manuelanemann: like siblings, let's eat something :) report abuse
  • 20-05-2013 21:05:25

    claudiamehn: And then again says an animal would have no feeling! Report abuse
  • 03-05-2013 06:05:09

    Mariannebau: It's cute, isn't it? Report abuse

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