What to do if cat is constipated

What to do if cat is constipated

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What to do if cat is constipated

What to do if your cat is constipated

Our cat had a bad case of constipation.

by Jody

(San Francisco, CA)

I just found out my 8-year-old cat has been

constipated for a long time, and that is NOT a pleasant

situation. I took her to the vet yesterday, but the vet

still thinks it is "predictable."

The problem? After eating and going to the litter

box, she will lie down and not get up agn until the next

morning. Sometimes the entire day passes by, in some

weeks, sometimes in a matter of hours, because she really

seems to like this new lifestyle. Sometimes she'll go to

the litter box and NOT go agn that night. Her fur will

look dry and her fur will be in a bit of a mess. She has

been using the litter box since her first day here. She is

still going in twice a day to relieve herself, but she is

not using the litter box agn!

The Vet yesterday also sd that it could be

the "lack of exercise" she has been getting lately (she

does have two walks a day), but the problem is more

constipation than exercise!

What can I do?

Dear Constipation:

I hate that there is nothing you can

do to fix this, but I have a cat that has this same


Cats that are constipated don't like to

move around and don't seem to enjoy the litter box

anymore. So they just lie there.

But because they aren't exercising

themselves, they get dry fur, loose skin and a runny

nose. They also seem to get very lethargic and won't

play as much as they used to.

They also don't get a chance to eat

their meals like they used to and they lose weight.


the cat that has this problem will not go to the

litter box, and hasn't been going in long, I

guess she's a lost cause.

The best thing you can do is to

get a cat house with a litter box. You'll also want to

keep a close eye on your cat for other symptoms. And if

your cat is constipated, have a vet check her


Have you found any solutions to your

cat's constipation problem? Have your own tips? We

would love to hear your suggestions!

Dear Diapers:

My 5-month-old kitten, Charlie, was

born with severe diarrhea. I've changed his

diapers and fed him water every three to four hours.

When I brought Charlie home from the vet

(the first day), he was very wet and I made him an

oven-ready turkey-and-rice baby-food-and-water

solution. He was still sick and had diarrhea at

dinner. The next day he ate a little, but the diarrhea

got worse.

Since Charlie's been living with me,

I've been trying to figure out what's causing his

diarrhea. He eats the best kitten food avlable

(Pedi-Safe by Pedigree) and gets lots of playtime

with his brother and sister.


diarrhea seems to be more frequent when I've

been sick. So I had some stomach flu

last month, and every time I threw up Charlie

grew out of proportion. My vet was out of town

when Charlie was sick, and couldn't help me. So I'm

not sure what I can do to make him poop.

-- Mary


Dear Mary B: A vomiting or diarrhea

baby cannot be treated except as a medical emergency. You

could call your vet for advice on whether to have the

puppy checked by a veterinarian. If you don't have

access to a veterinarian, look for a veterinary

clinic at your local mall, a nursing home or public

health clinic. You might be able to find one willing

to take on a puppy in an emergency. Please make sure

you understand your options before deciding on one.

And, while you're looking, remember to check for

breeders who have no medical background. In some

breeders' colonies, the mother or an elderly female

can actually birth a litter and then spend the rest

of her life in that colony, never seeing a veterinarian.

A breeder who lives with a large number of small dogs

may not be particularly concerned with the puppies'

medical care. When a puppy has diarrhea, he may be

just pln dehydrated. As soon as he's well

hydrated, the diarrhea should stop. If you've got a

vomiting baby, I can't help you. -- Dr. Pat


a Vet

Dear Pat: Here's a question I

never got a reply to. If a dog swallows another dog's

head, then is it really sick? My sister's dog did

this to her cat. It turned out to be a very bad

condition. The cat died. She then put her dog in a

dental chr, put a towel on his head and pulled it

down. She then took the towel off the head, and

everything was fine. She is afrd to let her dog


-- Chris

Dear Chris:

The fact that a dog had a broken

head is probably not what killed the cat, because

most people I know who have dogs with broken heads

have been fine. If you have a cat with any

illness, a possible cause would be some sort of

intestinal parasite. If there's

any chance that it has a parasite, try giving your

cat a laxative, or a laxative-analgesic

combination, such as a prescription liquid

formula of Imodium. If the cat is

dehydrated, you may want to run a cool-water

bath. I've seen a cat die of diarrhea because of

watery diarrhea, and it can be fatal if a cat

doesn't get some sort of medication in a timely


Dear Pat:

I've been wondering for some time if there's

any medical reason for the black and white markings

on the tls of dogs. Anybody else been wondering


-- Jan

Dear Jan: In the days

before modern medicine, it was believed that

animals who ate well were healthier and more

vigorous, and animals who were sick were


I'm no veterinarian,

but I think it's possible that the black

and white stripes on the tls of many dogs are

a way to express health.

Dear Chris:

What if you took a picture of a

familiar face, which you then altered just a bit

-- like changing the color of the eyes or the

nose, or the hr color of the hr -- and you

turned it into an unrecognizable face? This

question came to me when I read your

column last week, which sd that a group of

professors and medical students put together

an "imaginary" face for a medical

journal. And now I'm putting it to you: What

if you altered the color of a human face, and

made it unrecognizable? What if you did this

to a child? Do you think that would be


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