How to tell if cat still has kittens inside

How to tell if cat still has kittens inside

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How to tell if cat still has kittens inside

So I had my kittens about a week ago and while they're being born is there anything I can do to tell if the kittens are still inside? My cat was on her back for 3 days and was in the same spot as she was when she got pregnant...but I'm assuming she doesn't know to get up from her back on her own if that's the case. Thanks!

If she knows how to get down, she should be able to roll onto her side and get off of her back. But if she's just laying there and doesn't move after you try that a couple times, you need to keep trying. It's hard to get a cat to move out of her usual place of comfort, so you may have to just help her get up by patting her on the back and then petting her a few times until she decides to get off her back.

I agree with the other two posts. The cat may not be aware of the kittens but she should get up if you just pet her and coax her a couple of times. If she doesn't it may take a few minutes for her to get it. If you can see the babies, you might be able to tell if they are moving and she should be coming out of it. If not, you'll have to try and encourage her to move by petting her more on the back.

You need to figure out if the cats knows how to get out of her belly. If she hasn't been doing it for days then the kittens are really young. In this situation you might have to start to try to help them out.

My mom was taking care of cats back when she lived in FL (that was the 70s, it's quite possible she didn't know any better) and I remember her always saying there's always a point when you just start to push and pull the kitties have to figure out when that is, and then try to time it right when she's in the middle of it. It might be worth mentioning to your vet, or perhaps talk to your friend who's a vet, if you haven't yet. Maybe that'd help you know when to start trying to coax them.

I would also consider that you might want to check for the possibility of a parasite in her belly. Or I wouldn't put it past your friend to not have gotten her checked and to be passing along misinformation.

I was just reading an interesting book and she mentioned a condition that occurs when people have kittens and are using their hands, like if they have to clean cat litter or something. I'm sure it's not the same as what your friend is describing but it sounds interesting.

I would go in to see your vet. It sounds like she hasn't been feeding and/or changing the litter properly.

I had the opposite problem: My cat (who is normally very happy) did not want to eat. She just didn't eat. She ate less. I had her in a cat box in the house. One night I was able to take her from the box to a clean, fresh litter box. But next day she was back to not eating and not using the litter box. So I went to a vet and they said it was probably a virus. They treated her with antibiotics and she recovered. It's possible that this is what happened to your friend.

It can be a really stressful time for the cat as well. Especially because most cats (with rare exceptions) don't enjoy being put in a situation where they feel trapped or helpless. In her situation, she probably felt trapped, so she didn't eat. You can try letting her out from time to time (but not too often), or you can crate her so she has a safe place to relax and escape when she needs to. I find that if you treat the cat with kindness and gentleness, she will come back to the family.

I think that she is also going through a growth spurt. I had a cat that did this. She would stop eating and drinking and lay around in her room the whole time. I used to try to feed her, but she never ate. It's a common behavior in this age range.

The vet could probably diagnose her problem and recommend a few solutions. It could be a simple case of a virus that is causing GI distress. Another solution is that she could be sensitive to the cat food (and litter) that you feed her. Also, it is a good idea to make sure that the litter box is clean and that the cat is using it. Some cats can smell themselves and it could be that she does not like to use the box that she is in now.

It could also be that she is experiencing stress and anxiety and is going through some physical changes. In which case, this problem will pass on its own and she will be fine. Or it could also be a digestive disease that is causing her discomfort. This is common in young animals. The best solution to this is to make sure that she has a healthy diet and to give her plenty of rest and playtime.

Some cats will eat just fine, but others (like Tabitha) will eat just enough to keep them feeling OK but not enough to be satisfied. It sounds like that is the case with your cat.

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