Cute panda chasing bamboo

Cute panda chasing bamboo

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It's not easy for a panda baby. The little rascal in the video wants to feed a few bamboo leaves, but he just can't get it. His little fight with the bamboo tree is adorably cute and clumsy!

It's a hard struggle for the cute baby panda: with all his strength, the fluffy four-legged friend tries to bend the bamboo trunk so that it can get hold of some of the delicious leaves. He fights with his paws, his teeth - or with both.

Unfortunately, the little panda is not really successful: when it finally manages to bend the trunk, it does not come close to the leaves. One feels a little sorry for the cute dwarf, but his attempts are so cute to look at. Don't give up, fluffy friend!

Panda bears - funny spotted cuddly bears


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