Irish Wolfhounds: How it works with the upbringing

Irish Wolfhounds: How it works with the upbringing

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Irish wolfhounds should not only be properly trained because of their size - their hunting instinct also requires very good basic training. With a few tips, this shouldn't be a problem, because the dogs are very easy to raise. Irish wolfhounds are calm and peaceful, but need a consistent upbringing - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

If you keep an Irish Wolfhound, you usually only experience it as a very calm and peaceful dog. At the latest when the giant wants to jump into a small child out of joy, or when his hunting instinct suddenly appears, it is very important that he listens to you immediately and flawlessly. The best way to achieve this is with a loving but certain dog training.

Irish wolfhounds: tips for basic training

The most important thing is that your dog comes on command and makes "sit" and "place" if you want to. Teach the Irish Wolfhound these commands with calm, much praise and consistency. Unnecessary hardness and violence are out of place for him and also less effective than praise - after all, it is important for the sensitive dog to please you and do everything right.

Even if Irish wolfhounds are easy to familiarize with basic training, their upbringing really requires absolute consequence from the dog owner. It is important that the dog pays attention to them even in situations where it does not seem so important and carries out your commands promptly and without resistance, because in an emergency this must work. If you have any difficulties with the upbringing, a dog trainer will be happy to help you with the training.

Irish Wolfhounds: The Gentle Giants

Education beyond basic education

If you also want to train with your four-legged friend, or practice exercises that go towards agility, the calm Irish wolfhound is usually not quite as enthusiastic. He has a hunting instinct and loves to run a lot in nature, but he is not a big child. Nevertheless, there is of course no reason not to try to get sticks with him and to practice something similar - maybe your four-legged friend would like to!


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