1r1808 cat filter cross reference

1r1808 cat filter cross reference

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1r1808 cat filter cross reference list in the US and Canada

Here is a list of all products that were part of the 1r1808 cross reference program. Click on the picture to view the detls.

Please note that I only have a list of the cross reference products that were released in North America. This may or may not include any products that were released in other countries. If your cross reference was released in multiple countries, then the products should be included in this list. To do this, I'd have to ask the manufacturers if there is an equivalent replacement part that can be swapped for the cross reference product.

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I have a 1r1808 filter that I would like to take out of my tank and put in a different tank. I live in Hawi and the filters were sold here. However, I cannot find any local store to have it in stock. I have checked all my local fish stores and I can't find any. I have also checked all the online fish stores and I cannot find any. Is there anywhere I can order this filter or some cross reference replacement that can be used?

Thank you.

This post was helpful to me. I didn't realize there were a lot of cross reference replacements.

I had a 1r1808 Catfish/Darter filter that was damaged. The fish tank is about 1ft x 1ft and it was used. I would like to exchange the whole thing with a new filter and housing. The replacement parts will fit but the housing does not have the hanger for the tank filter housing. Any ideas?

I would like to swap this filter with a new one. I would like to use the hanger and all. However the new one will be in a larger tank, a 1.5 gallon. I would like to have the filter in the 3.5 gallon tank. I would also like to swap out the housing. I don't need to replace the media and would like to add new o2 media. I don't have a way to measure how much o2 is being used at the moment.

I want to put the filter in a new housing with a larger diameter housing tube. I plan on installing it with a hose adaptor for my other filter. I want to remove the current filter and switch out the new one with it's hose adaptor. I am not sure how much r is going in the tank but I think I can work it out.

If this is possible, how would I go about doing this? Any help would be great. I am currently at my girlfriends house. I have a small filter adapter on one side of the old filter and one side of the new filter.

I'd just replace the water with pln water from the tap and try the filter on a smaller tank. It's possible you've already caused some damage.

In most cases, fish should not have to worry about the r they're breathing. It's the O2 level of the tank that's important. Fish don't have to breathe it, but they need to be able to use oxygen. As a result, they're designed to keep the concentration of O2 in their blood under about 1.4% dissolved O2.

For some species, high O2 levels (more than 2%) can be deadly, even when they're at frly low numbers. For example, for some species of coral, levels greater than 2% can kill them in a matter of hours. For others, low levels (less than 0.5%) can cause problems, too, such as slow growth or stress responses. So if a fish seems "sick" or lethargic, it's a good idea to bring in a veterinarian, at least to get an idea of how much O2 the fish needs, and to make sure the tank is properly cleaned of algae and parasites.

When you replace the filters, be sure you can tell the difference between r and water.

What you might need is a "bubbler" for the tank, or an adapter like the one pictured below.

You'll likely have to buy them separately from the tank. They should be relatively inexpensive.

I don't believe the tank is damaged. When I take the new filter out and replace it, I make sure the water looks clear, and smells like water. The water looks clear, and the hose adaptor has a rubber cap on it and is not leaking. The filter itself has a white plastic cap on it and I feel like the cap should be on. The cap is off in the picture above.

I did notice when I opened the tank up (above is the tank cover), the hose was kind of a strange shape.

I believe I'll replace the filter, then give the tank a full water change to be sure the water looks clear and the hose fits right. The hose will likely be a little shorter. Once I do that, I'll replace the tank cover and water my plants. When I have the new filter, I'll replace the hose cap with a rubber cap. If you don't have a bubbler, you should find it frly easy to find. The next time you are at the store and looking at filters, check for bubblers. Good luck with it!

If your water looks clear and smells like water, I would replace the filter agn. The next time you are at a hardware store and looking at filters, check for bubblers. Good luck!


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