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Pop up dog tent

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Pop up dog tent in a park or on a city green, and you’re likely to see one or more dogs, even more if you go in the summer.

They’re probably friendly dogs, and they may or may not be the pets of some of the park users. These dogs are in their second home.

They’re dogs that have no idea that they’re not at the pound. They’re dogs that are living in the best possible situation: They are taken care of, they’re safe, and they get to be with their people.

And we, as pet advocates, and dog lovers in the city, don’t do enough to make that second home available to more dogs.

What we can do, however, is teach people who are new to living in a city how to live in a city with dogs, how to get and stay on a leash, and how to take care of their dogs to keep them healthy and happy.

We can make a second home available to all dogs, and we can do it by teaching residents how to live with them.

That’s why this course on urban dog living was developed.

I’m here, with the help of a team of experts in the field of dog living in the city, to teach you how to co-habitate with your urban dogs in your own home and at parks in the city.

We’re going to talk about:

How to choose a good house for your dog

How to walk the dog on the leash

How to find good dog parks

How to stay happy and healthy

But most of all, we’re going to talk about how to teach you to live with urban dogs and make it a great experience for you and them.

So welcome to Urban Dog Living. I’m your host, Chris.

And it’s going to be a great week.

Thank you.

]]>, to Get Your New Furry Friend to Adapt to the City, 15 Jul 2016 15:05:13 +0000 you’re about to add a new dog to your home and you live in the city, you’ll find a lot to adjust to. But what can you do?

If you’re about to add a new dog to your home and you live in the city, you’ll find a lot to adjust to. But what can you do?

Urban dog living means you have to change how you live. Most of all, you have to start thinking like a city dog.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “I’ve always lived like a city dog. I’ve walked my dog for hours every single day for 10 years.” But as your city dog adventure continues, you’re going to learn a lot of lessons.

You’re going to learn how to have a bigger dog (you will be getting a dog closer to the size of the average city dog).

You’re going to learn how to make noise

You’re going to learn how to get more exercise

You’re going to learn how to be more vigilant

You’re going to learn how to get out and about

You’re going to learn how to learn new things

You’re going to learn that city living is not all about your backyard

You’re going to learn that being an urban dog involves learning to adapt to the urban environment

You’re going to learn to embrace your new city life with open arms

So if you’re a city dweller planning on getting a new dog, you’re going to need to prepare yourself for a lot of change.

Your Urban Dog Adventure Starts Now

If you have a dog in a suburban or rural area, you probably don’t have to start these changes immediately. But if you have a dog that lives in an apartment and has never spent more than the average city dog’s share of time outside, then now is the time to start thinking about these changes. You’re going to need to change your current suburban lifestyle in order to accommodate your new urban life.

Here’s where you can get started:

Becoming a part of a neighborhood.

Learning to walk your dog on city sidewalks

Learning to get more exercise

Learning to deal with crowds

Learning about your new dog’s food needs

Learning the finer points of grooming

Becoming a part of a neighborhood

Your dog is probably not going to move when you move.

So your transition into the urban environment is going to have to happen in one place. You’re going to have to become a part of the neighborhood. This means taking classes on getting your dog familiar with the neighborhood, training your dog in the neighborhood, and being a familiar presence on the streets, especially at night.

As part of that familiarity with the neighborhood, you’re going to have to get a good relationship with the neighbors. You’ll need to find out about the rules and regulations regarding dog feeding, cleaning up, and walking. You’ll need to know about the dog rules, especially ones that apply to large dogs that might intimidate your new neighbor. And you’ll need to make it easy to be a part of the neighborhood.

In the apartment, your dog should have a good bed and have somewhere to run to when he or she needs to. But what is the bed like? That is a big question. You don’t want a dirty bed or a soft bed, but a bed that is comfortable for the dog is necessary.

You also want a dog that is compatible with your neighbors. You don’t want to bring a huge dog into a space where he or she might be a nuisance. And if your dog is part of the family, he or she needs to be part of the family as well. You’ll need to be an active member of the neighborhood, attending meetings, reading the paper, chatting with your neighbors, and taking the dog out with you.

You may want to do some research into the current state of your neighborhood. If the neighborhood is still developing, there may be an emphasis on a certain look. This might mean that you and your dog can’t have a doggy door. But if your neighborhood is more settled, then there are going to be rules that may be different.

And if you get a dog, your dog has to be good with children. This is a big, big deal. You need to do your research, but in general, you should know how to get along with kids and dogs. There’s a good chance that your dog is going to have to take a walk past an elementary school or through


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