Fascinating reptile world: the most beautiful turtles

Fascinating reptile world: the most beautiful turtles

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Diving: Hawksbill Turtle - Image: Shutterstock / Rich Carey

Turtles belong to an ancient, beautiful and diverse type of reptile. Unfortunately, many of their races are now threatened with extinction. Diving: Hawksbill Turtle - Image: Shutterstock / Rich Carey Enjoy life: Hawksbill turtle in the cool water - Image: Shutterstock / Hawksbill Turtle Yellow-bellied slider: Considered "The typical water turtle" - Image: Shutterstock / kai4107 Galápagos giant tortoise: can live to be over 100 years old - Image: Shutterstock / Thomas Ash Fascinating: The face of a turtle up close - Image: Shutterstock / Mila Atkovska Great sight: Two turtles take a bath in the sunshine - Image: Shutterstock / Aaron Amat Carolina Box Turtle: Belongs to a North American turtle species - Image: Shutterstock / robcocquyt Very close: A large sea turtle - Image: Shutterstock / bandit_74 First excursion: Loggerhead turtle - Image: Shutterstock / Benjamin Albiach Galan Beautiful photo model: Close-up of colorful turtle - Image: Shutterstock / Yuriy Korchagin

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