Why does my cat run away from me

Why does my cat run away from me

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Why does my cat run away from me? | PURRFECT Cat-Friendly Answers

Answer: Why does my cat run away from me?

Why does my cat run away from me?

This is a tough question to answer. It depends on your cat's personality.

The best thing you can do is train him/her to come back to you. Here are some steps that may help you.

Step 1 - Be relaxed. Calm, happy and don't be fussy. If he/she really wants to go somewhere, he/she will run off.

Step 2 - Leave your emotions and your frustration to the side for the moment.

Step 3 - Find out what your cat is doing. Is he/she eating? Is he/she sleeping? Is he/she playing? Is he/she hiding?

Step 4 - Ask your cat to come back to you.

Step 5 - Let him/her come back and repeat steps 1-4 until your cat will come to you when you call.

Step 6 - Ask your cat to stay with you while you eat. Don't let your cat roam the kitchen at the same time. If your cat is playing, give him/her a time to play and when he/she returns, feed him/her.

Step 7 - Leave your house. It may not seem like a big deal to you but it is a big deal to your cat.

Step 8 - When you return home, praise your cat for doing what you asked.

There are some things you can try to stop your cat from running away.

First, you can start slowly when you train him/her to come back. The first thing you should do is take your cat's favorite food bowl away for a few days and then leave your cat alone. You can also put a small dish of kibble out where he/she normally eats. In the beginning, don't worry if your cat doesn't eat. You can leave him/her with no food for a day and then put food out for the next day. Slowly and calmly leave your home without letting your cat come with you. When you return home, offer your cat his/her favorite treat. You can also feed him/her with food.

If your cat is not willing to come to you after you've done all this, please don't try to force him/her.

If you've been using an electronic fence in the house, your cat can be trained to a certain extent to not run away from it. When you turn off the fence, give him/her his/her special treat. Make sure to use an approved food as cats are less likely to want an inedible treat. The more treats you give your cat, the better.

If you have tried all of these steps and your cat is still running away and hiding, it may be time to consider giving up your search and find a new home for your cat. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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