Why is my dog having accidents after being neutered

Why is my dog having accidents after being neutered

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Why is my dog having accidents after being neutered?

I had my dog neutered three months ago. I noticed after neutering my dog that he was having accidents every 2-3 days (or more). It had started 2 days after neutering. He is a 9 month old black lab. He was never a little shy and very friendly. The vet said the problem might have something to do with the stitches, so he told me to change his diet for a few weeks to see if the problem goes away. His diet is a combination of dry and canned food. I haven’t changed the diet. The problem has not gone away. What can I do?

Hi there. The vet has not given you any advice about diet. I would suggest you go back and discuss this with your vet, but the only thing you can do is switch diets until he gets a reaction. Some dogs do very well on a high quality dry dog food, others do much better on a canned diet. If you can’t find a different type of food you may have to make do with a new diet. My best advice is to return to your vet to get an expert’s opinion and a plan for this dog. Best wishes and good luck.

Thank you, for your response. My dog has to be on a special food. He can’t have the normal ones. I am talking to my vet about it again. He is a black lab and is usually very healthy. All he has is the dry dog food.

The vet told me to make him to poop every few hours instead of every 4-5 hours. We also put him on medication. I am going to try again with the food change.

Another thought: I read in a book that sometimes when dogs do not digest food well, they can actually digest the medication. What do you think?

Thanks for your response. I have been to the vet again today and he said it may be more of a problem. He wants me to switch his diet to a canned one. He has tried to give him a different type of dog food but he was getting diarrhea in his stools. The vet said this could be related to the type of food and wanted me to try canned dog food. He said it would be best to feed him only a small amount of canned food and slowly increase the amount.

Since this is my first time switching his diet, I am concerned about doing this. I will be doing the process very slowly.

When I have fed this dog the other diet, I have taken in about 1/4 cup every 4 hours and slowly increase.

When I switch to the canned food, I will be taking only 1/4 cup every 4 hours and slowly increase. I will also keep taking his meds.

Thank you again,


Dear Catherine, I would love to see your dog be 100% and fully healthy and I am sure your vet would be delighted to see this. But, please do not make this decision based on how he responds to the changes in diet.

He is showing signs of improvement. We are trying a canned diet for now. I will take it a little slower than what you have been doing. He is not eating right now. So, I will only feed him small amounts. I will also continue to give him his meds.

If I go slowly, then this will help me get some time to evaluate the issue and determine if there is more work that needs to be done.

Do not worry about a change in food!

As long as he gets the required amount of nutrition and all other aspects of his diet are perfect, he will be fine.

I would only use dry kibble for your dog. It will help him digest the meat better and be easier on the stomach. If you will try canned food, then I would only give him small amounts. Too much canned food is hard for your dog’s tummy and it could also cause loose stool.

I hope you can find some more info on this issue on the Internet.

And, always remember, he’s your best friend and you can do whatever you want, right?


Dr. Gwynne Aye

Dear Caitlin, I am so pleased to hear that your dog is doing so well. If you follow my advice, this will always be the case. And, as for the canned food, I am sure that you are going to find out what is going on and I am sure that you will need to do further testing to find out what this matter is.

Please remember that he is still your best friend and that you can make any decision you like to make for him. You have the right to make any decision for your dog. And, remember that this is a decision that will affect your dog’s future and health, so please, be wise and do the best you can.


Dr. Gwynne Aye

Dear Karen, thank you very much for your lovely words. And I thank you also for your kindness and concern. I am always happy to hear that I am doing something right.

As for your question, please do as I suggested in my post and buy the cheapest possible food for your dog.

Also, I am sure that your dog’s nutritionist will help you in this matter.

As for the water that your dog uses, I would buy a water bottle with a really good filter.

Your best friend needs the best quality food, water and love.


Dr. Gwynne Aye

Hello Katie, thank you so much for your kind words and for letting me know that you are having success with your beloved dogs. I am very happy for you.

The post does not mention a name but I can guess that it is probably a cat. That is very good. Cat owners who also feed their cat table scraps can help by giving their cat a healthy food, too. And you can buy a water bottle with a really good filter for your cat. It will help keep its health, too.


Dr. Gwynne Aye

Hi Karen, it seems that you and your husband are in Australia, so it would be easier to find food and supplies that are available there. But, even there, it will not be easy to get enough good quality food for your dog. In Australia, almost all good quality food for dogs is expensive.

There is not enough evidence yet to say that this diet has caused the kidney problems in your dog. All that we know so far is that the dog is in a serious condition and needs urgent veterinary care. So, you and your husband should try to get the best medical care for your dog.


Dr. Gwynne Aye

Hi, Katie, my sincere sympathy to you and your family. I wish you a miracle for your dear dog.

As to the question whether diet can help treat a problem, the only study I can find that shows this is the one from the United Kingdom. (The study was not included in the review because of its small size and flawed methodology.) This is published in the journal The Veterinary Journal and was done by a UK-based company, Pets Best Petfood.

I don’t know about your location. But in the UK, all of the good quality food sold in pet shops are now available in pet food mills. The food mills also provide a better quality of food.

It is possible to buy them from major supermarkets and there is even a local shop at my place that

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