Jon arbuckle's dog

Jon arbuckle's dog

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Jon arbuckle's dog

I found this blog and its pretty hilarious, I had to look for the first one to see the jokes, and there was one in there that was pretty funny too, but its the dog that I just had to share:

So I saw this guy at work, he has one of the best stories I have ever heard, he was talking to his wife in the car on the way home from work and his dog got run over by a car on the side of the road. He was screaming and wailing and getting mad because he had lost his dog. They were trying to figure out where the dog was because the guy was so mad he had gotten out of the car and looked for it. His wife thought he was going to kill himself over the whole thing.

Then, they got to the house and he told his wife that his dog was in the backyard, and he had no clue where he was. Then, he decided he was going to run in the house and grab his dog, and go back to the car and take him to the vet. So he starts going through the house looking for his dog, and he had already searched the house once and knew he had searched the house before.

He was walking through his bedroom and he walked by his bed, and there he saw a dog on his pillow, it had obviously died. So he starts crying and goes over and grabs the dog off his pillow and the dog wags his tail and looks at him and licks him, so he knows that it is his dog. So he puts the dog in the car, gets back into the car and drives to the vet.

He starts to get really emotional about this and the vet looks at him and tells him that his dog has died because he never found him. He tells him that he can bring the dog back and they will bury it if he wants. The man gets really emotional and starts to cry, he can’t get the dog out of his mind.

So he decides he is going to do the right thing, so he puts the dog in a plastic bag, and drives back home. He gets into the house and puts the dog in the house and says to his wife, “I am going to take this dog and bury it.” She is like, “Where are you going to take the dog? You can’t just go in the house and take your dog in there and put it in a plastic bag and bury it.” So he goes over and takes a trash bag and puts the dog in it, and then he says to his wife, “I have to bury this dog, and I have to bury it in your backyard.”

So he drives over and gets to the back of the house and he pulls into the backyard and puts the bag into the hole that he has dug. He is looking around in the backyard and he sees this other dog in the yard. He gets out of the car and goes over and sees the dog and he says, “I buried my dog.” He thinks it is a stray dog that he saw in the backyard.

He goes back to the car and gets into the car and starts driving to the vet. He is still thinking about how much he is going to miss the dog and how he never got the chance to give the dog his last goodbye. He is crying and he keeps looking at the dog in the bag in the back seat of the car. He gets to the vet and his dog is there with a cat.

So he gets out of the car and starts talking to the vet, and the dog in the bag gets out of the bag and runs around and tries to get to the vet. So he puts the dog back in the plastic bag and takes it over to the vet, and he walks the dog out of the bag over to the vet. The vet says, “Oh yeah, I am glad you brought him in, we found a cat in the car.” The vet looks at the cat and goes, “Oh, the guy lost a cat?”

He tells the guy, “Your cat has been in the car for a long time and it died.” So the guy gets really sad about it, and his dog in the bag starts wagging its tail. He puts the dog in the car and takes it home and puts the cat in the car. He goes back over to the vet and gets out of the car and walks the cat over to the vet. He tells the vet, “I got a cat from the car.”

The vet says, “I am glad you brought the cat in.” The vet looks at the cat and goes, “Where are you from?” The cat looks at the vet and goes, “What are you talking about? I’m a cat.” He tells the vet, “We have a cat in the car that says he’s a cat, but he talks like he’s from the south.” The vet starts laughing because he can’t believe this cat is from the south.

The vet says, “We have a cat that says he’s a cat but he talks like he’s from the south.” He looks at the cat and goes, “I am going to have to put the cat down, he is just too crazy.” So the cat is taken away and put in the freezer.

So, the next day, the man’s wife calls him and says, “There is a dead cat in the back of the car. I put it on the back porch because I figured you would want it.” The man is so happy, he is laughing the whole time. He says, “Yeah, I am glad to hear it’s dead because I thought it was a live cat in the car.”

And that's how they lost their dog.

(this was funny, and it made me want to cry)

P.S. I am the Arbuck

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