Pug-Dame Loca: happy survivor despite disability

Pug-Dame Loca: happy survivor despite disability

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The cute pug lady Loca has a neurological disorder from birth. The cute four-legged friend is still extremely joyful. This shows us the heart-warming video that its owners have dedicated to the small Loca - earwig guarantee included.

The pug Loca has become known as "the dog that cannot run" - it hops and hops more than it runs. What looks funny, however, has a serious background. Loca was born with brain damage that does not allow the animal to move like other dogs. Hence the jumping "zigzag run" of the bitch.

Surgery possible, but risk too great

According to the Irish owner family, the neurological disorder could be remedied with surgery, but the procedure was very risky. They do not want to expose their beloved four-legged friends to unnecessary risk: otherwise the animal is completely healthy. And his masters and mistresses love their Loca just the way it is.

Pug - A dog for all purposes

Heartwarming song for pug lady Loca

Instead, they wrote a heartwarming, but also quite ironic song for Loca. In it, the little pug "sings" his healthy playmates and what they can do. But even then the cute dog does not lose his courage to live: "I love my life, I love my house, and I love my family". And the most important thing at the end: "My family loves me!". We think that's a great attitude and we wish Pug Loca and her family all the best for a happy future!


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